Klubfunder Gold Plan

On average a Gold Klub fundraised 20% more by using the advanced features! Start your klubs fundraising today!

What is in my Gold Plan that's not in Silver or Grassroots?

  • Expert Advice
  • Sponsor Advertising
  • Additional Features
  • Priority support

    Benefits for your Klub on the Gold Plan

    Priority Service

    Our Gold Klubs get our priority attention if you need anything we ensure you get the fastest and most effective support

    Expert Advice

    Access to our monthly online demo sessions and access to fundraising guides and tips

    Maximise Klub Funds

    Raise more funds by digitally advertising using the KlubApp to display ads for sponsors 

    You are first in the queue!

    Gold Klubs require our attention first as you are our priority! Whether you have a support enquiry or need help with setting up a feature you will be first in line!

    Raise funds through digital advertisements

    Our gold partners can benefit from attracting more sponsorship from their sponsors as they can take advantage of using Klubfunder to offer digital advertisements.

    For example, a butcher can display an ad on Klubfunder and the Klub is able to tell the sponsor how many of there members clicked on the ad showing a return of investment.

    What our Klubs say

    Want to discuss your plan on klubfunder with our team?

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