Klubfunder Silver Plan

"We have increased our klub revenue by 15% since partnering with Klubfunder on the Silver Plan"  Greg Park  -  Tristar Boys FC

On average a Silver Klub has raised an extra 15% - 25% in club revenues by using these extra features...

  • Recurring payment plans
  • Advanced reports
  • Multiple admins access
  • Priority support

Benefits for your Klub on the Silver Plan

Less Stress

Share the work as a committee by adding multiple users with different rights and permissions.

Save Time

Advanced reports make ordering shop items and checking membership collection easier. 

More Funds

Raise more funds by conveniently taking payments from your members automatically with ease.

Share the work load, enjoy multi user admin access

  • Upgrade from a single admin user account to enjoy multi-user access.
  • Each user will have their own admin login and can be granted permissions to only see the data relevant to them. Safeguarding your member's data and helping the Klub with their GDPR compliance.
  • Eliminate the need for relying on one person within the club.

Why I need advanced reports

  • Quickly track who hasn’t paid or who may have cancelled their subscription payment for membership or training fees.
  • When using the klub shop eliminate the need to sort your sales report by item type and size. The Silver reports are supplier friendly and can be downloaded and sent to your supplier at the click of a button.
  • Instant access to your weekly and monthly sales figures so you can quickly make comparisons when using the lotto feature on Silver

How your klub can benefit from using recurring payments

  • Eliminate the need for collecting cash payments at training sessions when payments can be made to the klub online
  •  When selling tickets for £100/€100 – give your members the option to pay in full or do 4 monthly payments of £25.
  • Offer automatic subscriptions payments to encourage members to enter your lotto all year round and not just when the jackpot is high.
  • If registration fees are pricey offer an alternative payment plan using recurring payments. Particularly attractive for families.

What our Klubs say

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