Raise Klub Funds Through Contactless Payments

Klubfunder has partnered up with the leading contactless payments solutions provider, SumUp. Klubs can now take contactless card payments through their KlubApp. 

Take payments for:

  • Ticket Sales For Fundraising Draws
  • Club Gear Sales
  • Match Entry Payments
  • Tea / Coffee sales at tuck shop

Increase your tickets sales through contactless payments around the clubhouse, club pitch, and door to door sales

No CASH? No Problem, Tap Here

Klub members can easily make payments for ticket sales, klub gear, membership, summer camps, klub fundraisers by tapping their card or phone

Apple Pay and Google Pay
payments supported.

'"Klubfunder and SumUp believe in supporting sports clubs at every stage of their development. We are here to provide them with a technology that anyone can use - so they can get on with what they do best!


SumUp offers very competitive payment processing rates for klubs at only 1.69%   

Plus there are no authorisation fees.   

So for every £/€ 10 payment processed the commission charge from SumUp is only 16.9 pence/cents

 How to get started

Register a SumUp account and order a discount card reader for only £19 by clicking on the "Get Started" button below.

Once you have the account set up send us an email to hello@klubfunder.com and we can help you link the SumUp account to the klubs Klubfunder account

Easy fundraising

Another easy way to collect klub payments for fundraisers and club events

Member Engagement

Engage with members through local retailers with the latest club news streaming through the kPOS terminal

Accept Cards and Apple/Google Pay

Take contactless payments at the klub house, around the klub grounds, in local retailers.