Reduce LMS Admin By 90%

Let us do the hard work bring your Last Man Standing online and save 90% of your admin hassle!  Also by having your game online opens up your fundraiser to more players resulting in more funds for the Klub!

No More Spreadsheets

Everything is automated so no more time consuming spread sheets required 

No More Chasing Players

Klubfunder automates player pick reminders saving the organiser time and hassle

Collect Payments Easily

Players pay conveniently online to enter so you don't have to chase payments

Easily Play On The KlubApp

By downloading the KlubApp players can easily make team selections in one convenient place each game!

Tips To Make Your LMS A Success

  • If the fundraiser is for a team then encourage each member of the team to do their part to help promote it. Task them to get 5 players each signed up. They can share it with friends/family/work colleagues
  • Share links to the fundraiser frequently on the clubs official social media accounts. Short videos or eye-catching imagery will achieve the best results
  • Encourage klub members to share your LMS fundraiser on their social media feeds
  • Ask other clubs in the area to help promote it. Clubs are usually willing to put competition aside and help each other for fundraisers
  • If you have run a past LMS fundraiser share your new LMS with those that played previous ones
  • Have an attractive prize. It doesn't always have to be monetary. For example, a signed shirt as part of the prize. Or match day experience that's unique

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