Klub Members Rewards Scheme


A new way for klubs to retain existing sponsors and gain new sponsors.

Enhance the traditional offering of pitch sign or jersey sponsorship, whilst at the same time Supporting Local #supportlocal .

An easy way to demostrate the klub adding value back to the sponosor or local business.

Easy to set up and get started                     

    • Simply download a #SupportLocal QR Code for each klub sponsor or local business
    • The sponsor/business displays the QR Code in their premises (or online)
    • Klub members scan the code on each visit and collect reward points
    • The klub decides how points can be redeemed for rewards e.g. club gear discounts, match day entry, vouchers, etc.

    Contact us today at hello@klubfunder.com for more information

    How it works

    Step 1

    Login to your Klubfunder account. Click on the Rewards menu

    Step 2

    Enter the name of the klub sponsor or local business. Set the number of points that a member will receive on each scan

    Step 3

    Download and print (or email) the Rewards QR code for the klub sponsor/business and ask them to display it in their premises. 

    Promote the Support Local rewards scheme to members via social media and whatsapp