Become a Teamwear Partner


Become a teamwear partner and get GOLD Level access to the Klubfunder platform and KlubApp for FREE (Saving of £432\€500 per year)

Benefits of a teamwear partner

  • Quality Uhlsport teamwear at discounted prices
  • Sponsored gear opportunities
  • Fully managed online shop
  • XpressKlub - Web shop deliveries in 7 working days
  • Custom designs from our Creator Range
  • Hassle free service
  • Online Order Tracking

    Gold Partner Benefits


    Benefits of a being a Klubfunder GOLD Partner

    • Full access to all Klubfunder & KlubApp features
    • Increase offline ticket sales through our kPOS contactless payments feature
    • Raise funds through digital advertising feature
    • Raise funds through the new Support Local - Member Rewards scheme
    • Advanced payment and reporting options
    • Priority Support

    All FREE for our Teamwear Partners.  Contact us at today for more details

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