Auto Renew

Increase Ticket Sales

Take your ticket sale fundraisers to the next level. How? 

Recurring payment means that your members are entered in to play each week automatically. No more reminders needs, payments come out automatically

Reduce Effort To Play

The members who are paying don't have to remember to enter they can select auto-renew

Less Time Chasing Sales

Help your committee get tasks done faster as your players are automatically playing

Consistency Of Sales

As a klub you are able to project sales for the future and manage cashflow better

How does recurring payments work for klubs?

The Klub will tell Klubfunder how many weeks payments they want to collect upfront. For example, the Klub may decide they want to collect payment every 5 weeks. When we activate recurring payments for a club, this does not force the user to select recurring payments, instead, they will have the option of paying a one-off payment as normal or the choice to subscribe to automatic recurring payment.

If recurring lotto payments is activated for a Silver Klub then the user will see an ‘Auto-renew’ option. Which means the payer will enter the draw every week and be billed every 5 weeks.


You can take our word for it, but I'd rather let the Klubs do the talking.

Compatible with all the devices

Get your Silver Plan

Upgrade to silver today to start achieving your best from your lotto. More knowledge from reports and the auto-renewal means you are set for success. Upgrade today!